The Trifecta / by Michael Durr

On January 23, 2012 da Chicago Bulls beat the New Jersey Nets and when da Bulls win big so do the fans! (That's me!)I received three wins on my Chicago Bulls Contest Card Packet, including a free medium coffee from Dunkin' Donuts, a buy one get one free Hinckley Springs gallon of water, and of course the 100+ point Big Mac from McDonald's (ba da ba ba ba). I always love the moment during the game when there's tension throughout the United Center. Da Bulls were up 20 points with 3 minutes left in the fourth quarter, but there was still tension. Why? Because until the Bulls hit that 100th point no one is truly happy. Thank you Rip for putting us over the edge last night. We're all happier and unhealthier. Final score Bulls 110 Nets 95. GO BULLS!