The 5D MarkIII / by Michael Durr

The date... March 2, 2012. I was sharing a room with my two co-workers while on a work trip in Charlotte, NC. We had to be up at 6:30am to give us ample time to arrive at the event we had to cover. The first thing I did, as I do most mornings, was look at my phone. I noticed Twitter had exploded with the launch of the Canon 5D MarkIII. So... What did I do? I rolled over and mumbled to my co-worker, who was in the other room, to toss me my wallet because they just announced the 5D MarkIII. I placed the order shortly after 6:30am East Coast time. Alas, the long wait is finally over. I now have the 5D MarkIII in my possession. I received the camera on Saturday March 31, 2012 and after a day of running around with my girlfriend buying screen protectors, memory cards, and debating what my first shot was going to be I did not end up starting the trial run until Sunday night. In the my brief experience with the camera I can say it has met all my expectations. I can not say one bad thing about it thus far. The upgraded 61 point auto focus, insane ISO values, silent shooting mode, in camera HDR, and video capabilities are just a few of great upgrades that come with this camera. Well, enough chit-chat. Check out some of the images.  

This was the first image I captured with the camera. I knew immediately I was going to like it.

I will have many more images to come. I am going to do some shooting this weekend and potentially try out some video as well. I will try and give a more in-depth review after I have had a chance to work with it in some different scenarios. Stay tuned.