The Wedding Day PreGame by Michael Durr

On October 19, 2013 not only did I get to marry a beautiful, smart, strong, fun, perfect girl, (despite being from the same town as the Pacers) but I also had the dream of the A and B team come true. Over the years I have attended, stood up and photographed many weddings. It was no secret I wanted to do something that I had never seen. Being that I have a lot of guy friends and each one is as important to me as the next. I decided not to have the traditional "groomsmen" or "ushers." I decided to create an A-Team and a B-Team. The A-Team aka The Pillars consisted of my best man Jim and a solid group of gentleman that were not only influential in my life but have been apart of my life for many years. The B-Team aka The Band of Misfits is another solid group of gentleman that influenced my life, for better or worse. haha. This was incredibly thought out. All the jersey numbers correspond to real Bulls players. The A-Team corresponding to the 90's Bulls and the B-Team corresponding to the current Bulls.I remember becoming overwhelmed when I got engaged on December 25, 2012, only because the planning started about 30 minutes after the proposal. During that 30 minutes, as I heard Lindsay and her mom talking about locations, photographers, dresses, etc. etc. I thought about this and it came out even better than I imagined.

Photography by Cal Engel

Michael Durr #23

The A-Team (The Pillars) Jim Braniff #33 Mark Baluga #10 Glen Hilton #34 James Hultgren #25 Cal Engel #54 Landon Erwin #7

The B-Team (The Band of Misfits) Matt Mills #1 Cody Jankowski #13 David Starke #5 Steve Fischer #9 Rob Tarpey #21 Matt Bridges #22

Benchwarmers Chris Berry #24 Dustin Wissmiller #91

Thank you Jessica Strickland for helping my dream come true.

Special Thanks to the NBA Store and the Chicago Bulls!

Go Bulls!

The Grinch by Michael Durr

We had a great time shooting the LeMills Christmas card this year. The day started early with the Santa 5K. It was very cold but the sun was shining. Afterward we headed to the LeMills compound and my wife Lindsay began painting Matt's face. After about two hours we started a spectacular Christmas card photo shoot.

Jupiter Ascending by Michael Durr

It was a busy Saturday night in Chicago. Setup for this scene of Jupiter Ascending began around 7:30am and did not wrap until about 9:30pm. The scene shows a few cars and a garbage truck meeting in the middle of the Lake Street bridge. The pyro effects actually shot up through the L tracks above the street. From what we could see there were several cameras pointed at the scene as it unfolded, but it seemed that the main camera shot was from the blue lift on the barge in the middle of the river. We watched them rehearse the scene several times before the pyro was installed. Once the pyro was installed it was one and done. Rumor has it that Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum were on the barge, but we never saw them with our cameras. We're looking forward to trying to capture more behind the scenes photos and video. NOTE: This video was the product a few hours of anticipation. Hence the excitement!

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What's this movie about?

In a universe where humans are near the bottom of the evolutionary ladder, a young destitute human woman is targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe because her very existence threatens to end the Queen's reign. -IMDB

From a couple of weeks ago.

7th Heaven by Michael Durr

7th Heaven rocked it out at the Taste of Westmont on Friday, July 12, 2013.


Stevie in New Orleans by Michael Durr

I had an amazing time at Essence this year! It's always fun working with friends. Especially my little buddy, Stevie. He's a fun-loving little dude. Check out some of these quotes from the team. "No doubt he's literally the hardest working guy I know." - Ursula Ostrom

"I want to put him in my pocket and take him home." - Julie Hamilton

"The mini man can spin a sick beat!" - SkazDigga

"Bada Ba Ba Ba... I'm lovin' him" - Ronald McDonald

"Time for a nap. Stevie's got my back." - Video Projection Guy

"He just takes care of it." - Jahred Williams

"He's little but he can slam the Jack and Cokes. He also tips well." - Superlounge Bartender

"I wish I had his looks." - Julio Desire

"Who is this kid?" - Parrish Lewis

"He belongs in the rafters." - Daryl Malone

"He's a nice guy, but I'm still pissed at him." - Barb Gatson

"He's so cute. I love him!" - Kaleena Qualls

It was fun, but it's good to be home.