Isaac and Raquel by Michael Durr

One year ago when I said, "I do." I did not realize the journey that was about to be laid out before me. I am so fortunate to have married into such an amazing family and attending Isaac and Raquel's wedding was a perfect reminder of how lucky I am. On top of that, it was a perfect way to celebrate our one-year anniversary. A few drops of rain and some crisp fall air made Isaac and Raquel's wedding a day to remember. I am looking forward to spending a lot more time, and attending a lot more weddings in the future. Congratulations Isaac and Raquel!

Joanna and Kevin by Michael Durr

Kevin and Joanna got married about three years ago and did not have the opportunity to have engagement photos taken. This was a fun shoot for me because I went to high school with Joanna's older brother and it was nice to reconnect and get some great shots in the process. Congratulations Kevin and Joanna.