Christache in Chicago by Michael Durr

Welcome to anoter blogging from Mike Durr's Superfans!

Mike Durrrrrr. It's dat time of year again my friends. Da birfday of our dear lord and savior Jesus. I can't dink of a betta way to honor da son of God then with two wins from a our teams in da the city that starts wit C ends in O and in da middle is HICAG! Dis Christache starts off wit a team we all have come to love once again, a team wit last years MVP, Deeeeee Roooooose! a team dat come June will be hoisting yet anoter championship trophy over it's collective head, a team known as Daaaaaa Bulls! Da Bulls face the Lakers, who seemed to forgot they were da NBA champs in 2010. Prediction: Bulls 101 Lakers 72.

Dat brings us to our next match up. A team that has had it's share of hardship dis year, but if ders one thing dis team can do it's put da stomp on dat pansy Aaron Rodgers and his burly Packers. A team known as Daaaaaa Bears. It will be a tough match up for da away team, but I dink dis is going to be an upset of epic proportions. Prediction: Packers 7 Bears 36.

Danks for reading dis here blog. Merry Chrisache, Happy New Year, and remember if you have one to many beeeeeers dis holiday weekend, don't drink and drive.