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The Wedding Day PreGame by Michael Durr

On October 19, 2013 not only did I get to marry a beautiful, smart, strong, fun, perfect girl, (despite being from the same town as the Pacers) but I also had the dream of the A and B team come true. Over the years I have attended, stood up and photographed many weddings. It was no secret I wanted to do something that I had never seen. Being that I have a lot of guy friends and each one is as important to me as the next. I decided not to have the traditional "groomsmen" or "ushers." I decided to create an A-Team and a B-Team. The A-Team aka The Pillars consisted of my best man Jim and a solid group of gentleman that were not only influential in my life but have been apart of my life for many years. The B-Team aka The Band of Misfits is another solid group of gentleman that influenced my life, for better or worse. haha. This was incredibly thought out. All the jersey numbers correspond to real Bulls players. The A-Team corresponding to the 90's Bulls and the B-Team corresponding to the current Bulls.I remember becoming overwhelmed when I got engaged on December 25, 2012, only because the planning started about 30 minutes after the proposal. During that 30 minutes, as I heard Lindsay and her mom talking about locations, photographers, dresses, etc. etc. I thought about this and it came out even better than I imagined.

Photography by Cal Engel

Michael Durr #23

The A-Team (The Pillars) Jim Braniff #33 Mark Baluga #10 Glen Hilton #34 James Hultgren #25 Cal Engel #54 Landon Erwin #7

The B-Team (The Band of Misfits) Matt Mills #1 Cody Jankowski #13 David Starke #5 Steve Fischer #9 Rob Tarpey #21 Matt Bridges #22

Benchwarmers Chris Berry #24 Dustin Wissmiller #91

Thank you Jessica Strickland for helping my dream come true.

Special Thanks to the NBA Store and the Chicago Bulls!

Go Bulls!

Michael and Lindsay by Michael Durr

Speaking of my own wedding is difficult, mainly because when I think back and reflect on it, it's like trying to recall an amazing dream. The day was perfect in every way. It was amazing looking out into a sea of our friends and family. Everyone told me to step back and enjoy the day because it goes by so fast. They were not wrong, but I do feel I stopped to pause and look around on a number of occasions throughout the day. Perhaps it's the photographer in me that made me stop to notice all the little moments or details. The amount of work, love, and vision that went into the day was absolutely incredible. It is fitting to be making this post on Thanksgiving Day, because I am so thankful for everyone that helped make our day so special. Watch this video for a glimpse into the day.

That brings me to my top ten list of moments. It was hard to boil down to ten, but here is what I came up with. In no particular order.

One, seeing Lindsay for the first time was amazing. We were at a beautiful park and it was just us and the photographers. It was chilly with a steady and brisk breeze but after seeing Lindsay it could have been 20 below and I still would have been comfortable.

Two, playing basketball with my A and B Team. That is no exaggeration. Full on 6 on 6 basketball game at the hotel neighboring us. Special thanks to the employee who brought us out a basketball.

Three, being hoisted up on a chair during I'm on a Boat at the end of the night. I can not describe the feeling of floating on a water a top a cement slab.

Four, doing push-ups with my best man seconds before walking out into the ceremony. It certainly was the time of the day I was most nervous, but doing push-ups really settled me down.

Five, the sun beaming down on Lindsay and I during the ceremony as if we planned for it to come out at that moment. It made us feel like our grandmothers were watching us.

Six, rubbing Lindsay's arm during the ceremony. She was literally shaking. Not sure if it was nerves or the temperature. I am sure it was a combination of the two, but she had goosebumps and was shivering almost all the way through.

Seven, dancing with my niece. My niece is adorable and I can only hope she can remember some portion of the day when she gets older.

Eight, The Case of the Missing Best Man Speech. See Flatline TV "the movie" for clarification.

Nine, giving Lindsay her jersey. As many know, I themed my groomsmen, ushers and ring bearer after the Chicago Bulls. I can't explain how much joy it brought me to see my vision from Christmas day 2012 materialize. I know it's crazy to have 13 guys stand up for a wedding, but it would not have been the same with any one of them missing.

Ten, knowing that the day was being captured by professionals. Just incase I missed something. Special thanks to Jess, Erika, Jesse and Jordan.

Jessica Strickland Photography Arseneau Media Productions

I could talk all night about how amazing the day was and literally everyone moment was memorable. I hoped this post has given you a glimpse into a perfect day and if you were in attendance I hope that it has brought back some amazing memories.

Thank you.


Michael and Lindsay #durwin2013