Nik Wallenda by Michael Durr

It's a bird it's a plane no it's Nik Wallenda. In the time I have lived in the city I have seen some awesome stuff. I have seen the Sears tower get hit by lightning (several times), I have seen countless fire in the sky sunrises and sunsets, I have seen cars blown up for Hollywood movies, attack helicopters run training missions, corners and blocks turned into giant movie sets, I have seen Michael Bay direct Mark Wahlberg, but I never thought I would see a man walk across the Chicago river 600 feet in the air on a wire.

Nik Wallenda stepped out onto a wire from Marina City Tower to the Leo Burnett building at a record setting 19 degree incline. It's something you would expect to see in a Mission Impossible movie. Although if it was I am sure Tom Cruise would have been running across without that cumbersome poll. That's the beauty of Hollywood magic, but this was real life.

Skyscraper Live was broadcast live around the world. Myself and tens of thousands of people watched in person on the ground while others crowded onto Marina City balconies and in downtown office buildings for watch parties.

In his interviews following the stunt, Nik really seems like a great guy. A family man carrying on the legacy of this unique skill. Congrats Nik! Chicago was happy to have you.