Joel Schat by Michael Durr

I know what you are thinking it's just another timelapse video, but I have to say I really enjoyed this film created by Joel Schat. There is just something different about this one compared to others I have seen recently. I think it conveys a sense of journey, which makes it more compelling then just a bunch of starlapse clips mashed up next to one another. I love the shot of the deer ice sculpture, the tight shot of the moon, the house with the smoke stack, and the hot air balloons. The film really did give me chills.

Broad Group Stealing the Sky by Michael Durr

This timelapse video of a 30-story building is truly amazing. The Broad Group, a Chinese construction company, created this structure in only 360 hours. This is not first project done by the Broad Group. In 2011, the company built a 15-story building in only one week. The companies outlook on vertical cities could be the answer to China's population and pollution issues in the future.

Timescapes by Michael Durr

I per-ordered my Timescapes Blu-ray. I can only imagine what this footage will look like on my LCD TV in full HD resolution. The photographer, Tom Lowe, is very talented and really the pioneer of this type of photography. He posts some great stuff on Twitter @timescapes. I also learned about some of his photography at the Photo Plus Expo in NYC. Tom has plans to release an IMAX compilation movie of the footage he has shot. It should be awesome!