Panama by Michael Durr

My wife Lindsay earned a trip to Panama through her company. It was an amazing experience and Panama is certainly a place I would recommend visiting. Panama is an amazing location consisting of a unique landscape, rich history, and exceeding progress. We were able to see the Panama Canal locks system, which was fascinating to actually witness first hand. In addition, we toured the Embera Tribe Indian Village. It was an amazing to witness such a diverse culture and take part in their way of life. The company provided amazing meals each of the nights we were there and it made for a truly memorable trip. I hope some of these images give you a sense of what it was like.

My panorama was highlighted in Gizmodo's Photo Challenge.

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Reflections by Michael Durr

This is an excellent portrait series titled “Reflections", by Tom Hussey. This is a very powerful and emotional photo series. We all have grandparents, or elderly people in our lives and when looking at this series one can not help but think about those people and imagine the lives that they have lead. Amazing work!