Edward Burtynsky by Michael Durr

I recently discovered the work of Edward Burtynsky. It is very intriguing and a great example of what is possible when you do what you are passionate about. Clearly Edward is a great photographer, but the theme of his work conveys a very powerful message of the human footprint on the Earth.

The Hunt by Michael Durr

When I attended the 2011 Photo Plus Expo in New York I attended a seminar where Art Wolfe spoke with two other distinguished photographers. Art was as inspiring in the seminar as he is in this video. As I watched this video it helped me realize I have picked the right profession. It was inspiring to hear Art talk about photography and his career. I particularly like what he says about returning to the same places and attempting to find a new way of seeing that place, or object. My interest in photography started in a similar way. I shot photos of friends in college, parties and then road trips and travel simply to document and share with others. Now I'm reaching a new level in my career of photography and it makes me confident that some day I might have one of those shots people find emotionally impactful or inspiring. It's a fun challenge and it's something I hope to continue forever.