Spring to Come by Michael Durr

This is simply amazing work! Having worked in a mount room and having tried to do some stop motion video I have huge respect and admiration for this work. It is an incredibly thought and time consuming process, but the end product is spectacular. Spring to Come.


Behind the Scenes

Anticipated Memories by Michael Durr

The video below has a super interesting outlook on "The Instagram Generation." I find the context of the video fascinating and, as a photographer, I feel like I have thought this way long before Instagram. It began in high school. I was sledding with some friends and we had built a big jump at the end of a hill. With our disposable cameras in hand, we would capture ourselves in mid-air after hitting the jump. I still look back at those photos as the beginning of my passion and desire to capture life's moments. I am fortunate that over time technology has given me the tools to more easily fulfill this passion and desire. It has made it seamless and easy to share our images with others. I admit, as of late I ask myself, am I not living in the moment if I am anticipating memories? Am I really experiencing life, or am I shaping it? Are they one in the same? These questions aren't really meant to have answers. I know I love what I do because I enjoy telling stories and inspiring others and it is something I will continue to do forever.

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The Long Game by Michael Durr

Being someone who is in his early thirties and someone who has been working in the creative field since college I feel I can offer up some valuable insights. In my opinion, creativity is 40% passion, 30% execution, and 30% failure. What does this mean? Let me explain. Passion is what drives us, it's why we get up in the morning. It's the itch that needs to be scratched. We all have it and it's our choice to pursue it. A passion that's not pursued is simply a dream.

That's where execution comes in. Execution is the act of pursuing your passion. Educating yourself, gaining experience, laughing in the faces of the people who doubt your abilities, facing the fear and societal pressure that hinder us from pursuing our passions. It's not easy. In fact, it's extremely difficult.

Failure is certainly a big part of this trifecta. When pursuing your passion, you will fail, and success comes when you fail time and time again and continue to push forward. With each failure you learn something and each time you learn something you improve upon yourself.

I found this video essay on the creative process extremely interesting and I feel that it does a good job in helping to illustrate my point.

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