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The Good Girls Revolt by Michael Durr


While walking the streets of New York, my wife and I randomly came upon the set of The Good Girls Revolt. It wasn't long after our arrival that Jim Belushi walked out of the doors of Cipriani on Broadway. We watched the crew shoot the scene several times. Moments later we were shocked to see Anna Camp walk out of the door. The crew and actors were super nice and very accommodating to the insane amount of on-lookers.  Here is what we learned about the show that was being filmed:

The Good Girls Revolt
EP. 101

Directed by Liza Johnson
Cinematography by John Lindley
Starring Jim Belushi and Anna Camp

25 Broadway
New York

Filmed: 08-09-2015

Video Shot on the iPhone6

Joel Schat by Michael Durr

I know what you are thinking it's just another timelapse video, but I have to say I really enjoyed this film created by Joel Schat. There is just something different about this one compared to others I have seen recently. I think it conveys a sense of journey, which makes it more compelling then just a bunch of starlapse clips mashed up next to one another. I love the shot of the deer ice sculpture, the tight shot of the moon, the house with the smoke stack, and the hot air balloons. The film really did give me chills.

Functional Studio by Michael Durr

Casey Neistat is a well-known filmmaker based out of New York. He has a very unique style and a great sense of storytelling. This video series invites you into his studio and proves to be inspiring for someone like me with an equally high-standard of organization. I personally love the device he built for shooting table top videos and stop animations.Check out the functional studio of Casey Neistat.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Divergent by Michael Durr

Divergent filming on the corner of Lake and Canal on 06-09-2013. Check out the who's who from @DivergentsUK