Tent Party Xmas – Tree Lighting by Michael Durr

If you weren't there for this year's Tent Party Xmas tree lighting. Let me explain. The Christmas tree depicted in the subsequent video and photos was my parents actual Christmas tree in 2015. It had waited six long months to shine again. And shine again it did. Watch the video all the way through. It's worth every second. No children were harmed in the shooting of this video.

Aaron and Alyson by Michael Durr

I had an awesome opportunity to head down to my old stomping grounds, the campus of Illinois State University, to shoot my second Berry family wedding.  It was great to capture some familiar faces and spend time with good friends. Over the past three Berry weddings I have feel as if I am an honorary member of the family. Both my wife Lindsay and I are grateful to have made new friends and it is awesome to take part in these momentous occasions. The weather was perfect and the day went off without a hitch. Also, I must give a special thanks to Ewing Manor for allowing us to shoot on their grounds. The location made for an amazing backdrop for the bridal party photos. Congratulations Aaron and Alyson! #averyberryweddingPARTIII

Hillbilly Rockstarz by Michael Durr

Hillbilly Rockstarz rocking the Taste of Westmont on Friday, July 11, 2014.

7th Heaven by Michael Durr

7th Heaven rocked it out at the Taste of Westmont on Friday, July 12, 2013.


My Neighborhood by Michael Durr

My first week living in Chicago was pretty amazing and these shots give a glimpse at just how amazing it was. All these photos were taken within a one block radius of my front door. It's still sinking in. Enjoy.