lasalle st

Ami and JM by Michael Durr

It was an absolutely incredible day for a wedding in Chicago. The location at 190 S Lasalle was incredibly elegant and a lot of fun to shoot in. It's not every day you can photography a couple in front of a window with the setting sun and Sears Tower in the background. Ami and JM are a perfect match. It was an honor to capture their special day and I wish them health and happiness in the future.

Ami and JM by Michael Durr

We had a beautiful day in Chicago for these engagement photos. The riverwalk area in the early evening is beautiful. I am looking forward to the wedding day.

Transformers 4 by Michael Durr

Transformers 4 was filming on Lasalle St in downtown Chicago on September, 7 2013. The photos below were taken during pick-ups after the main pyro scene. Michael Bay (in white) directs Mark Wahlberg, Nicola Peltz, and Jack Reynor, who seem to be exiting a crashed flying vehicle of some sort. I managed to get a decent vantage point, but I wish I could have gotten closer. Of course security had everything locked down pretty good. I am not sure who the actor is that Whalberg is grabbing by the neck. I am sure I will have more shots in the next month. I still need a shot of Optimus!