Ronnie and Stephanie by Michael Durr

I am so happy for Ronnie and Stephanie. It was an absolutely amazing day to venture around the north side of Chicago. We stopped by some of their favorite spots and even had time for a wardrobe change. I'm looking forward to the winter wedding.

Go Cubs!

Ami and JM by Michael Durr

We had a beautiful day in Chicago for these engagement photos. The riverwalk area in the early evening is beautiful. I am looking forward to the wedding day.

Mike and Molly by Michael Durr

It was a beautiful day in early November for this photoshoot. Congratulations Mike and Molly!

The Engagement Poem by Michael Durr

'Twas the week before Thanksgiving, when all through my house Not a creature was stirring, except for my mouse;

The inbox was empty and who knew what you’d like,

So, I wrote what I wrote... Hi, I’m Mike.

It seemed to work when you agreed to meet,

Who knew if you were real or perhaps a creep;

And you with your haircut and I in my cap,

We just sat down for a long winter's chat.

The date went well, or so it seemed,

It was cozy and fun with you and the team.

Away to Old Blue I flew like a flash,

Popped open the door and drove real fast.

Weeks went by and we continued to date.

The third was fun, with your future roommate,

A short time later, as I continue to rhyme,

How ‘bout Cancun with some friends of mine?

More time had passed, a big day was essential,

A Facebook change made it official.

Among my friends you grew rapidly with fame,

They whistled, and shouted, and called out your name;

"First, Kristie! then Shannon! now, ®Calvin and Steve!

Then, Jimmy! then James! and, Glen and Stark-y!

From spring into summer we were birds of a feather!

We flew away! drove away! biked away together!

I met your family and did not flee,

Who knew that summer I’d learn to ski?

We awoke to a text not sure what it said,

It was Heaven spelled backward and back to bed;

It was that time of year and things were new,

The holidays were approaching and a turkey, too.

And then, in a moment, it all felt right.

Despite the outcome of each little fight.

As I looked in my head, not sure what I found,

How did I exist without you around?

As I sat on the couch with a display of love,

Who knew I’d be kidnapped and taken above?

A time of change was in the works,

You had my back, and showed me the perks.

Times were rough for D-Rose’s knee,

Even harder to stomach from Washington DC!

Brunches and grilling and babies arriving.

A summer to remember and you were driving;

Two tent parties in and still going strong,

I wonder who Cody will bring along?

We were busy as bees and spreading the wealth,

Wondering when we’d have time to ourself;

The planning began, a week for us,

We took off for the coast, wine country... or bust!

Returning home and tossing my floss,

Lounging around and watching Cake Boss;

A road trip in store with a secret plan,

A stop for permission was even at hand;

A couple years later and I’m at your door,

My lucky stars, I couldn’t ask for more!

No doubt this is right and you’ve changed my life,

"Merry Christmas to you, my future wife.