maddock douglas

Innovation is a Bad Word by Michael Durr

This was a fun video project that we created for an upcoming presentation. It was a great to be able to collaborate with some talented folks to make this happen.

Produced for Maddock Douglas Writer - John Coyle Artist - Wes Douglas Motion Graphics - Bayly Shelley Photographer/Editor - Michael Durr

Tattoo by Michael Durr

A fun little work prank.

Wes Douglas by Michael Durr


Wes Douglas is one of the founders Maddock Douglas, Inc. He's a talented artist and fun to work with. We have done a number of time-lapse whiteboard videos, and projects together. He also has a unique style of "graphic notes" where he documents meetings with sketches and creative type. It is a valuable take away. At Maddock Douglas we have what is called the 9@9 a daily meeting where we all discuss the happenings of the day or share news about work and life in general. Wes then takes his notes and picks highlights that he captures on a white board in the office. Every week he captures it digitally and sends it out via email. We also go a printed book of all of 2012 at our end of the year meeting. It was an awesome journal and great keepsake for the year. Check out some of his work.

2012 Financial Review Intro by Michael Durr

I got a message on Wednesday morning to have some videos ready for a meeting on Thursday morning. Most of the videos were already canned but there was one we had to try and produce. The following video was created by myself and two co-workers. From concept to final product it took us about 5 hours, which is a little sample of the things that are possible with collaboration and working together toward a common goal. The video might be hard to fully understand if you are not an employee of Maddock Douglas, but it's still pretty entertaining.